FDM materials image


By extruding a thin filament through a, heated, computer controlled, nozzle; FDM technology is capable of producing detailed items.

PLA material card image


Our most commonly used thermoplastics.

PA12 material card image

PA12 Nylon

Provides exceptional strength and toughness, ideal for harsh environments.

ASA material card image


Similar properties to ABS but with better UV resistance. Suitable for outdoor use.

PETG material card image


Exceptional mechanical properties and an ideal choice for larger items due to low shrinkage.

PP material card image


Due to being slightly flexible, it allows for tough use without breaking.

ABS material card image


Our go-to material used for everything from prototypes of mechanical assemblies.

PC material card image


One of our strongest materials offered, perfect combination of mechanical properties and temperature stability.

PA12-GF material card image

PA12 Glassfiber

Glass-fiber reinforced nylon. Added glass-fiber makes for extra stiff parts.

PA12-CF material card image

PA12 Carbonfiber

Carbon-fiber reinforced nylon. Added carbon-fiber makes this one of our stiffest materials.

PLA-Woodfill material card image

PLA Wood-fill

PLA-based material mixed with wood fibers giving a look, feel and smell like real wood.

TPU-A95 material card image


Flexible material that can bend and deform without breaking.

HIPS material card image


Plastic suitable for use in mechanical assemblies as a load-bearing component.

ABS-FR material card image

ABS Flame-retardant

ABS base with flame retardant additives. Certified UL-94 V0.

PC-CF material card image

PC Carbonfiber

Carbon-fiber reinforced PP. Added carbon-fiber makes this extra stiff.

PHA material card image

Biodegradable PHA

Fully compostable, as well as being approved by the FDA for food contacts. Safe to use in a dishwasher.

Steel-316L material card image

316L Stainless Steel

ilament containing 80% metal particles bonded by a polymer base. Must be sintered after printing.

PLA-Metalfill material card image

PLA Metal-fill

PLA-based material composed of approximately 20-40% metal by weight. For aesthetic purposes.

ABS-ESD material card image

ABS ESD-safe

ABS plastic that has received an electrically conductive additive.

SLS materials image


By selectively melting a fine bed of powder using a high-power laser, SLS technology is capable of producing items without using any support materials.

PA12 material card image

PA12 Nylon

One of the most common grades of Nylon; PA12 has exceptional strength and toughness.

SLA materials image


By selectively curing a liquid by a small laser spot, SLA technology is capable of producing incredibly fine details.

ABS-like material card image

ABS-like Resin

Strong and durable material perfect for all components requiring excellent finish.

Visual-HD material card image

High-detail Resin

Engineered to capture the smallest details. Great for parts with texts and extreme features.

Castable material card image

Castable Resin

Designed to allow for all forms of casting. Makes high detail one-time use moulds.

Visual material card image

Visual Resin

or "Standard Resin". Perfect for visual prototypes and decorative objects. Usually too brittle for functional parts.

Technologies and Materials

We operate the three most common technologies — FDM, SLA and SLS. With a portfolio of more than 30 different materials in 30+ different colours, we guarantee that we have something suitable for your project!

sls materials image


Building parts from a nylon powder allows contruction of geometries not possible to make with any other method. That, in combination with the properties of nylon makes for an exceptionally versatile process.

fdm materials image


Cheap and quick technology for prototypes and mass manufacturing. We offer a wide range of materials including engineering nylons, ESD safe ABS, flame-retardant filaments and PVDF plastics.

sla materials image


Our most detailed process. Capable of producing smooth surfaces and details as small as just a few hundreds of a millimetre. SLA is the perfect technology for visual prototypes and end-use parts.