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Express 3d Printing Service

Lead-time of the Express Service

With Express printing orders, the manufacturing process is usually finished within 24-36 hours,after which your items are forwarded to you with an express shipping service such as UPS Express or even through us delivering them in person.

Cost of the Express Service

While we try to keep the premium for express production as low as possible, since these orders risk delaying others, we need to charge slightly more for the luxury of skipping the queue.

Delivery Guarantee

As proof of our commitment to keep your deadline we guarantee that your parts will be delivered within the time specified on the quote. This includes Expedited or Express orders placed either through our online instant order tool, or through our personal sales team.

In the event of production delays, we offer partial refunds for items covered by the delivery guarantee. Items arriving even one day late are valid for a 15% refund. After that, 3% will be refunded per additinal day after the specified delivery deadline. Please see our terms and conditions for the full information regarding our delivery guarantee.

Available Materials

As the production-time for some materials extend beyond the expected delivery-time for Express and Expedited orders due to required, time-consuming post-processing steps, not all materials are available for order with Expedited or Express options.

In general, we offer all materials that doesn’t require any lengthy post-processing steps in order to provide end-usable parts. Right now, this only includes 316 stainless steel, which must go through a sintering process after printing. For these, we are able to offer an “as soon as possible” service. To learn more, feel free to contact us.