SLACastable Resin

Castable resin is used as a master pattern for casting metal objects in a process similar to lost-wax casting. The pattern is printed from a wax-like resin from which a mould is created. Once the mould is created, the resin can be burnt out without leaving any residue; allowing for super fine casting details, for example for jewellery. When ordering an item from cast resin from us, you’ll receive the item finished so that you can make your mould right away. We also provide burn-out schemes with all our castable resin parts.

Available Colours:

verticaldots image
material image


  • Effortless creation of highly detailed forms for casting metal
  • Capable of producing jewelry or other cast objects with super fine details


  • Quite expensive compared to other materials
  • Extremely brittle as a plastic and must be created and handled with care