The short answer is almost anything. If it can be made from a type of plastic that we print, it can most certainly be produced with additive manufacturing. However, we have some limitations to what we will print. If your item for example is a weapon or a part thereof, we will not print it.

For the full list of items that we won’t produce, have a look at our Content Policy

We price all items automatically from a range of different variables, including volume, bounding box size and surface area. The best way to get an accurate price for your item is to request an Instant quote.

Request a quote now.

We have a range of options on lead-times.

If you are in a real hurry, we can produce and deliver your items almost anywhere in Europe within 24 hours, or most parts of the world within 48 hours.

However, if you have a bit more time on your hands, our standard lead-time is 3 days until shipment, but we also offer 7-day turnarounds at a lower price.

Refer to our production service options.

We have three different delivery options:

• Tracked Airmail

• Air freight with UPS

• Courier delivery direct from us to your hands

Refer to our production service options.

We currently have three payment options:

• Prepayment with credit card (through Stripe)

• Invoice payment with NET 20 days terms

• Retainer invoice payment with 50% in advance and 50% NET 20 days terms

Currently, we only offer payment on credit to registered businesses; all others will be required to pre-pay any manufacturing.

Due to the nature of custom-made goods, returns are as a general rule not allowed. It is possible to cancel your order until it has been scheduled for production. From that point onwards, it is no longer possible to stop production of your items.

If you decide at a later time that you don’t wish to receive the items you’ve ordered we can refund you the shipping charges by not sending the items to you, but the costs related to manufacturing will not be refunded.

For the full details, please see our full terms of sales.

At RapAdd MFG, the quality of the items that we put out is our number one priority. Therefore, each item is meticulously checked for quality prior to being shipped to you.

If you, despite this, are unhappy with the items you’ve received, the best course of action is to send an email to support@rapadd.com containing your order number, a description of the problem and some pictures clearly showcasing the problem.

For the full list of quality items we check before dispatch, head over to our quality standards.

If you cant see your question here. Send us an email at support@rapadd.com